Our Process

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

You are 3 easy steps away from obtaining the financial information that you need to evaluate your companies performance and make decisions about the future!


STEP 1 - Evaluation of your business

We accomplish this through a free, in-depth phone consultation. Initially, Owner Jacqueline Dailey will contact you to get your account started - she likes to get to know each and every client! Depending on the size of your business and your needs, together we will determine where your pain points are and exactly what services you need. No more, no less.

STEP 2 - Determine best way to access your accounting info

Together we will discuss the different ways that we can access your current accounting software, whether that be through our remote hosting (recommended), remote access, SaaS, or Accountants Copy - Don't understand the difference? - No problem! We will go through each one with you so you will understand!

Don't have any accounting software yet? No problem there either! We will help you determine the best accounting software solution for your business - and we can even set it up for you!

STEP 3 - Send us your source documents

Scan and upload your hard-copy documents (i.e. bank & credit card statements, bills, receipts etc.) to our SecureDrawer encrypted document storage area. You can also get them to us by email, fax, or postal service - whatever is easiest for you!

Thats it! Leave the rest to us!

What Happens Next

Your account will be assigned to a bookkeeper - but don't worry, Jacqueline manages and oversees each and every account. Weekly she will send you an email, which will give you an overview of where we are in the process.

Depending on which package you choose, your financial statements and other reports will be either uploaded or emailed to you for your review, and a consult with Jacqueline will be scheduled to go over the reports in more detail and discuss any new issues or projects on the horizon and how we can help you grow your company and help save you money. So Contact us now!