Xero - Beautiful accounting software

What is Xero

Xero is the world's easiest accounting system. Because Xero is online, both your Accountant or trusted Advisors can all log in and work together with the same up to date information. Xero gives you a view of your financial information in real time. With Xero's automated bank fees, your daily banking activities are imported automatically into Xero and you do not waste time downloading and uploading bank files manually - just log in and it is there with no effort at all from you! You can access Xero any time - at home, out of the office, overseas - anywhere there is an internet connection. With Xero, There is no risk of data corruption or any need to transfer any files between users.

For more on Xero, please click on our Xero Silver Partner logo, or visit our LinkedIn Xero Showcase page for videos and information on Add-on applications that integrate with Xero - please click the follow button so you will be sure to get the updates as soon as they are posted.

As one of few Xero Certified Silver Partners in the U.S., and one of only 3 in the entire state of Michigan, dailey bookkeeping services can help you figure out if Xero is right for your organization. We can also help save you money when you purchase Xero through us.

Want to convert to Xero and don't know where to start

No problem! We can convert your old data file from QuickBooks or another software program to Xero. If you can get a csv file of the data, we can convert it for you!

Do you have a new business and wish to get your business set up with Xero

We will talk to you about the needs of your business and get you going in no time!

10 Great Reasons to Start Using Xero

  1. 24/7 access - Anywhere, any time as long as you have an internet connection you can log into Xero.

  2. No more software upgrades - As soon as a new feature or other update is released YOU HAVE IT AUTOMATICALLY!
  3. Automatic Bank Feeds - Financial information from your bank, uploads into your Xero file automatically every night while you sleep.
  4. Real-time view of your cash flow - Know as soon as you log in on your dashboard, what money you have coming in, how much is going out and what is overdue.
  5. Work on the same file at the same time as your accountant - No more sending files back and forth.
  6. No more possible corrupt data from sending your file back and forth.
  7. Connect to your customers, send electronic invoices and get paid faster with a link directly in your invoice.
  8. No more remembering to back up your data file.
  9. Do it yourself payroll - With an employee App so they can fill in and submit their time sheets and request time off (only applies to certain states as they are just rolling this feature out).
  10. Time freed up for you to spend growing your business or with your family - Imagine that!

See what others are saying about using dailey bookkeeping services to convert to Xero!

"Jacqueline Dailey is fantastic. As the only Xero Certified accountant in Michigan, I called to meet and explore how she might help with my tax preparation and bookkeeping. She's a straight shooter. We met on a Friday afternoon and got into the details. She actually walked me through Xero, looked at my books and taught me how to use the system. Then, instead of trying to sell an expensive package, we discussed how to reduce my cost and still have access to her expertise as an accountant! Now that's what I call service! Compared to other accountants, she really gets it. She understands technology, hence her partnership with Xero, and truly wants a productive, lasting business relationship. She could have tried to sell me, but educated me instead. Because of this, she's earned my trust and my business."


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"By the Spring of 2013 our software company had grown tremendously with good prospects for future expansion. Unfortunately, our first bookkeeper was not proficient in online banking or knowledgeable in the financial needs of a start-up. So we hired Jacqueline to take us to the next level. From the start Jacqueline from Dailey Bookkeeping Services, showed a deep knowledge of the inner workings of our company even though we had never worked together. She was very easy to work with and very helpful in teaching us the basics of bookkeeping so that we could properly oversee bookkeeping activities. Most significantly, Jacqueline seamlessly moved us from QuickBooks to Xero and set us up for financial stability far into the future. I can recommend Jacqueline without reservation for any financial endeavour requiring an expertise in bookkeeping or building online financial expertise."


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"Dailey Bookkeeping Services is fantastic. I was starting my business and I needed a lot of advice, Jacqueline started by getting me the financial portal that would best meet my needs. She recommended Xero software, as she is an expert with Xero she got me up and running with it quickly. It is really easy to use and I can clearly see the key financials for my business. Next was she advised me on the best way to take credit card payments on my website and on the phone and got that set up for me. Once I had some financial data loaded in my system, I had made some errors, Jacqueline very patiently got them straightened out for me. I cannot recommend DBS enough they are excellent!"


Why We Partner with Xero

We realize that to be successful, businesses need a software with ease of use and the ability to collaborate in real time. And technology, combined with smart accounting, not only increases efficiency, it helps small business succeed. Xero is one of several of our partners that we leverage, and client success and year-over-year growth is the cornerstone of why our firm has been successful. With Xero, we can show you how easy it is to work together and get your business on track!

We offer packages that bundle a number of functions for a regular fixed price. This helps you better manage your cash flow because there won't be any surprises or big bills. You will know in advance exactly what you are being billed for. With your accounts up-to-date, we'll be able to help you grow your business and meet your goals. Our partnership with Xero makes this value-added service possible. Through Xero we can offer you an online accounting system that's designed specifically for small business and is easy to use.

For more insight into Xero, please Contact us for a demonstration on how using Xero can keep your focus on growing your business instead of worrying about your financials.