How Cloud Based Services Can Help Your Small Business

Discover how cloud based services can benefit your small business
Discover how cloud based services can benefit your small business. Image: Flickr

Most startups don’t have the need or budget for enterprise software or an elaborate website. However, as business grows, it becomes necessary to add services, products, as well as employees.

Furthermore, it becomes sensible to invest in technology to help in growth management. Consequently, cloud computing has developed a technology revolution for small businesses, providing access to capabilities that only large companies can typically afford.

Here’s a list of ways your small business can benefit from cloud based services.

Lower Costs

One of the benefits of moving daily business to the cloud is that it can offer small businesses considerable savings. To begin with, cloud computing utilizes hardware fully. Virtualization enhances the value of physical hardware, meaning businesses can achieve more with less.

Consequently, small businesses will notice a decrease in power usage, rack space, and IT requirements. In turn, this translates into lower maintenance, installation, upgrade, hardware, and support costs, resulting in considerable savings especially for small businesses.

Instant Access

Cloud based services allow business proprietors and their colleagues to evaluate important reports and documents on a 24/7 basis as long as there’s web access. This means users don’t need to worry about emailing large files or losing access to crucial information during off hours.

Improved Collaboration

Businesses can use cloud-based programs at any time on virtually any device with an internet connection, especially for businesses with remote personnel. A growing proportion of small and medium-sized businesses consider productivity in remote locations as crucial to their operations.

With cloud-based software, teams in different areas can also collaborate on documents without needing to share task lists and calendars or e-mail attachments from where they are.

In this case, participants simply sign up for the service and access the program online without installing or downloading program software. Furthermore, employees can connect via instant messaging and hold impromptu meetings through web conferencing.

Some services even make it possible to include vendors and customers in these meetings as well. You’ll discover that enhanced sharing of information has the potential to permit your company to respond more rapidly to business opportunities.

More Flexibility

Business proprietors who maximize on cloud-based computing might reconsider the need for office space. Adapting to cloud-based services implies that businesses that don’t rely on physical space can work from their desired location.

Therefore, if employees and owners can complete tasks by telecommuting and face-to-face collaboration isn’t really essential, related savings add up fast, particularly when personnel use their devices rather than business-funded tech.

Greater Integration

Cloud based services create numerous opportunities for small businesses to integrate with different cloud-based providers. Therefore, small businesses can capitalize on specialized services that integrate with back-office operations, ranging from human resources to accounting and marketing.

In turn, these opportunities give small-business owners more time to concentrate on the more crucial business areas.

Growth Management

Cloud resources are elastic or scalable, so businesses can tap resources or enhance capacity to support growth and manage busy periods.

A challenging aspect of running a small business is predicting the resources your business will require. Bear in mind that the resources should be enough to scale and exploit opportunities but not so much that you end up overspending.

With cloud services, instead of predicting your needs, you can respond to needs as they arise and use what’s required to improve your efficiency and manage your growth.


Theft, accidents, or natural disasters can destroy your business’s crucial data if you store it solely in office servers or on hard drivers. In recent years, weather events such as hurricanes have affected numerous businesses-with some of them going out of business.

Fortunately, backup services and cloud storage can store continuously updated applications and business data online. This way, they’re safe from disaster and restoration is possible after an incident.

Final Thoughts

Cloud computing implies that you can store, manage, and access your data online instead of storing it on hard drives. If you haven’t invested in these services, this guide will reveal the associated benefits.

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  1. The days of the office runner passing information from desk to desk are certainly over; the speed that business software can perform the same tasks has completely usurped the runner’s position.

  2. Nice article! I would suggest that there is a faster resolution of issues with cloud computing as your provider has only one job, and that is to ensure their platform is reliable, resilient, high performing, constantly updated and problem free. This is their bread-and-butter at the end of the day.

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