Sales – 7 Ways to put the “SPRING” into Your Sales

7 Ways to put the “SPRING” into Your Sales

Want some fresh ideas to increase your sales?  Spring’s energy brings about the perfect time to try something new and fresh in your business. Here are seven ideas to try in your business; pick one you think would most likely put the spring in your sales

 1.       BOGO SalesSpring into Sales

“Buy one, get one” or BOGO sales are always hot and never get old.  If this isn’t common in your industry, see if you can adapt and create a deal like this.  The best thing about a BOGO strategy is it spreads more of your product or service around to a wider customer base, which can increase referrals or spread word-of-mouth…the best kinds of sales!

Here’s an example of a service  sales BOGO: Register one participant for a training workshop and bring a co-worker at no extra charge (or charge the price of materials and lunch to cover costs).  You can also offer one month free (cheaper than offering 10 percent off on an annual basis) if you have a service that is performed over time.

2.      Weekend Sales

Sales can move a lot of people to action.  The key is to limit the time that they can get the discount to a very small window.  You’ve heard of the after-hours sale from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Hold a time-limited sale when it is slow for you (could be during this month when people are hit with tax bills) to boost your sales volume.

 3.      Freshen Up Your Displays

If you have a storefront, when is the last time you’ve freshened up your look – a sure fire way to increase sales.  Retail businesses work hard at this, but even if you are not a retail store, take a look at what the customer sees.  Is it inviting?  Fresh?  Pleasant? Clean?  If not, do some spring cleaning!  Many times retail stores just change things up a bit and move things around.  If it looks like you have new things, people will want to come in and check it out, this is sure to increase sales.  Also think about the department stores a minute, they have small items, like candy or magazines to grab your attention right up by the counter for those last minute purchases.

If you work from home or have a virtual office, your website is your storefront.  See if it needs some spring cleaning so that you look more attractive to your prospects and clients.  Offer fresh content like a blog.

 4.      Introduce New Features

Make a slight change to your existing product by adding a new feature, offering it in a new color, or something similar.  It will feel a little fresher to your clients, which may cause an increase in perceived value. Remember Pepsi clear or the red Nintendo console?

 5.       Start a New Niche

Once you’ve gotten a couple of clients from a new industry, you’re off and running.  You will be able to learn from working with them, and will be more valuable to others within that industry.    Take a look at your client list, and see where you have just a few clients in the same industry, but would like more clients like them.  Then go for it!

 6.      Flavor of the Month Club

Baskin-Robbins used to have a “flavor of the month” so that customers would be enticed to come into their ice cream shops over and over again.  You may be able to have an “item of the month” or even a VIP club where your customers get something new each month.  Your VIP Club could also include priority treatment with specials or discounts.  VIP clubs and customer rewards done right are especially effective in restaurants and retail, but can work in other industries too.  The goal is to increase the frequency of visits to your business by enticing clients to become regulars.

 7.      The Biggest Opportunity of All

We often overlook the top opportunity that’s under our own noses:  our current and past clients.  They trust us the most, which is the highest hurdle to new business.  If you haven’t contacted your top clients in a while, make a point to reach out. See if they have any new needs.  More sales could be just a phone call away.

Now it’s time to “Spring” into action on the idea to increase sales that resonates with your business the most!  I hope that you found at least one way to increase the sales in your business!  I would love to hear some of your ideas!

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