Controller/Advisor Services

Financial Data Analysis

Do you get financial statements but do not know what it all means?

Do you need a full time controller but cannot afford to hire one?

Do you need to get key information from your financials to make better business decisions like:

  • Where am I losing Money?
  • How much money do I need to break even?
  • Am I making the money that I should be making?
  • How much cash am I going to have in 6 weeks?
  • Am I charging enough money per hour?
  • What areas do I need to focus on to increase profits?
  • Can I afford to buy that piece of equipment now or should I contract the work out?

I could go on, but the point is, if you are not able to get this information out of your data than your business could be in real trouble. If you know things like the state of your cash flow ahead of time, you can take action ahead of time to make sure you have the cash in place to run your business.

You may not have a big company, but you still need to fill the needs like a big company, and big companies do financial data analysis. Just because you may not have a bookkeeper, does not mean that you stop paying the bills, right? Many business owners wear many hats and do not have the time to do everything, and while you may be great at your business, analyzing your financial data to make good business decisions may not be your strong point.

The number one goal at dailey bookkeeping services is to help businesses get more profitable and to do that you need accurate data to make good business decisions. Once we have cleaned up your data file we will perform the financial data analysis to track important Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) so that you understand the drivers behind your results. From there, you can take action on these items to take your business to the next level!

dailey bookkeeping services will perform the complex financial data analysis for you. We won’t just hand you a report, together we will go over this data and put a plan in place to increase your profitability, so you will know that you are making money and HOW you are making money. Here are just a few items in addition to the analysis that we can help you with:

  • Budget Planning and Guidance
  • Budget-to-Actual Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
    • By Department
    • By Project
    • By Entire Organization
  • Financial Statement Analysis & Variance Reporting
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Inventory Control Measures
  • Accounting Department Organization
  • Cash Management & Forecasting
  • Month-End Closing and/or Management
  • Capital Budgeting(Purchase verses lease or subcontract)
  • Analyze Cash Flow Bottlenecks (and make recommendations)

So if you are ready to grow your business, give dailey bookkeeping services a call today! We offer a 30 minute no obligation consultation, where you can tell us exactly what problems you are seeing and we can start to get you on the road to profitability. Not sure exactly what the problems are? Once we perform your financial data analysis we will show you where they are!

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