Software Setup and Cleanup

Accounting Software Setup

Are you a new company requiring the setup of a new company file or an established company changing your current software?

dailey bookkeeping services Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors or Xero Certified Bronze Partners can do the complete setup of your company file in either QuickBooks or Xero. If you are changing from another software program, we can load all of your specific chart of accounts, customers list, vendor list, item list, etc. Please give us a call so that we can determine the scope of work and the particular needs of the business so that we may determine pricing for you.

Accounting Software Cleanup

Is your accounting software a mess?

dailey bookkeeping services Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors or Xero Certified Bronze Partners can cleanup your old books so that your information is accurate. We are highly skilled at cleaning up and correcting a file that has taken on a life of its own! Let us reconcile messy bank accounts, credit card accounts and payroll. We can correct inventory issues including negative inventory, inactive inventory that has balances, inventory reports that do not agree to the balance sheet. We can correct messy balance sheets where asset accounts are negative, liability accounts are negative and other accounts are incorrect or have the same balance for years.

We also can clean up your income statement where items have been mis-posted, loan payments are not coded correctly, payroll is not broken out between salaries and taxes, there is no clear picture of gross margin and cost of goods sold are not properly reflected. We can get your past data entered and coded correctly.

We will need a copy of your previous years Trial Balance from your CPA to make sure that the starting numbers for this year are correct. Since the scope of the cleanup is of an unknown nature, cleanup will be charged at a per hour bases. Please call for current pricing. Also please note that if you are changing software programs, we will need to go through your current file and clean it up prior to conversion to make sure that everything is accurate so that you are starting off with a clean set of books.