• Are you starting a new business and need accounting and QuickBooks training to run your business?
  • Do you have new employees that need training?
  • Are you thinking of changing careers or opening your own Bookkeeping business?

Once your accounting system is set up or cleaned up we can train your staff to PROPERLY use the system and tailor the training specific to your needs. Why is this better than taking a class?

  • We will focus on the particular needs of your business and not waste time training on areas that does not pertain to your business
  • We are able to train you at our office, through a web conference or we can come to your office – whichever is more convenient for you!

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Entering information correctly into your accounting system is crucial to maintaining the accuracy of your financial records – Garbage in = Garbage out! Our email and telephone support prevents many wasted hours of aggravation and costly mistakes made when you enter information wrong and then have to pay someone to clean it all up.

If you have a question on the proper way to do something in QuickBooks or Xero please ask! If it is a quick question that can be answered in under 15 minutes, we won’t charge you! If the question is more in-depth, the charge is: $25 for 15 minutes, or $95 an hour.

If you are already a client of dailey bookkeeping services, and on one of our packages (Except Xero Cashbook or Xero Small Business) – you are entitled to 1/2 hour worth of consulting for you or your staff at no extra charge each month!


  • 3 hour block* 5% discount @ $90.00/hr** = $270.00 ($15.00 Savings)!
  • 5 hour block* 10% discount @ $85.00/hr** = $425.00 ($50.00 Savings)!
  • 10 hour block* 15% discount @ $80.00/hr** = $800.00 ($150.00 Savings)!

  * Blocks of support time must be used within a 12 month period
** Pricing based on online/telephone support or face-to-face meetings held in our office. Additional fees will apply for on-site consulting

If you or your staff have ongoing support needs, You may call us with your question, (although you may have to leave us a voice mail if we are in the middle of a project), email us, or fax it in. A Certified Advisor in either QuickBooks or Xero will contact you within 24 hours on normal business days – usually it will be the same day. They will tell you the approximate time that they feel it will take to answer the question if over 15 minutes and process your credit card for the agreed upon amount.

Note: If we cannot adequately resolve your problem or question, your money will be immediately refunded – guaranteed!